From Zero to Entrepreneurs

These four young women, (R-L) Naomi, Farida, Maryam, and Hauwa are part of the beneficiaries of the Young Africa Works-IITA training program in Kano state. They have become entrepreneurs through the skills acquired during the training.

Naomi produces peanut butter, cookies and smoothie derived from groundnut, Farida produces a range of value added product using soybean, and groundnut but she is more interested in specializing in the production of powdered baby foods- a mixture of groundnut and soybean. Maryam intends to have a chain store in Kano state where people can buy “Veggies Tofu balls” made from soybean, while Hauwa produces soymilk and sells to her course mates.

They organized a mini exhibition to showcase their products to prospective mentors, investors and clients.