Mobile technologies for successful Agribusiness : Uses, Impact, Future , pros and cons

Recent developments in the mobile communication technology have generated massive improvements in various Agribusiness areas. In this short course, you would learn various ways mobile technology is transforming the agribusiness sector .

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Mobile technologies for business are already transforming the agro industries and extension services. Considering the projected future technologies in smartphones, one can label the current stage as a tip of the iceberg.

Findings reveal that the ease of communications, social interactions, improved farm skills and knowledge afforded by mobile phone use leads to improved opportunities for farmers. These opportunities resonate in the entire farming value chain thereby enhancing farmers’ livelihoods. However, some human capital deficiencies and contextual factors bordering on language barrier, lack of capability and awareness in the use of mobile phone features and functionalities inhibit farmers from benefiting optimally from the leverages provided by mobile phones. This calls for policies geared towards capacity building and sensitization of the rural populace on the prospects of mobile phone use in farming.

What will you learn?

At the end of this training, you would have a Clear understanding of Mobile technologies, various types of mobile applications used in Agribusiness clear Step wise approach to adopting a mobile technology for your agribusiness, ability to use of mobile technologies in agriculture.

System Requirements

This e-learning course is responsive, it works on all modern browsers for desktops, laptops, Tablets and mobile phones.

All you need is an internet subscription and a smart phone or laptop.

What is the target audience?

This course is designed for  anyone interested in unravelling how technology and agriculture works together towards achieving high ROI in agribusiness.

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