What we Offer

Sustainable Impact

Within the next five years, we aim at creating jobs, creating climate resilient businesses, Impacting food systems, gender inclusive agribusinesses within Nigeria.

Our Beneficiaries

Within three states( Kano, Kaduna, Lagos ) in Nigeria, 40.000 youths as direct beneficiaries and a total of 242,000 as indirect beneficiaries.

About Our Program

I-Youth project is an innovative approach to agribusiness training and start-up for Nigeria’s young people within the Mastercard Foundation Young Africa Works Program.

The strategy focuses on the agriculture portfolio, but liaises and shares lessons with its Digital Economy and Creative Entrepreneurship counterparts as well. It works with youth aged between 15 and 35 years old in ways that lead to fulfilling self-employment (entrepreneurship) and employment in several key agrifood systems across three Nigerian states (Kaduna, Kano and Lagos). 

Within 5 years, IITA seeks to skill over 40,000(direct beneficiaries) and enable 242,724(indirect beneficiaries) young women and men to secure dignified and fulfilling work in agrifood value chains.

Our Objectives

Train Youths

Strengthen agricultural training available to young people.

Decent Employment

Provide youth particularly young women with needed skills for decent employment.

Agribusiness Parks

Transition vocational training centres into youth agribusiness parks

Youth Sensitive Loans

Develop youth sensitive loans and agribusiness support program with financial institutions.

Establish Mechanism

Establish a mechanism that propels the benefits of the Young Africa Works model across Nigeria and into other African countries.


News Impact

From Zero to Entrepreneurs
From Zero to Entrepreneurs These four young women, (R-L) Naomi, Farida, Maryam, and Hauwa are part of the beneficiaries of the Young Africa Works-IITA training program in Kano state. They have become entrepreneurs through the skills acquired during the training. Naomi produces peanut butter, cookies and smoothie derived from groundnut, Farida produces a range of [...]
STEP intervention in schools and other stories of the week
STEP intervention in schools This is Government Secondary School (G.S.S) Hunkuyi, in Kaduna States. This is one of the schools chosen by Young Africa Works-IITA project for the introduction of the Start Them Early (STEP) component. G.S.S Hunkuyi is unique because majority of the students are farmers who are already making money from farming activities, [...]
Young farmers in Action and Other stories of the week
Young farmers in Action In Zaria local government in kaduna state, we moved into Hayin Sambo and Maraban Guga communities to train a special group of youths categorized as “Young Farmers.” Young Farmers are less educated youth and women within rural communities between the ages of 18 – 35 years who are already engaged in [...]

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